Mission Statement

"To be chosen by customers as the leading provider of relevant, affordable and accessible quality health care products and added-value services"

Surgipharm's mission is clear, and ever since the company's inception we have done everything in our power to advance it. In support of this we have developed a list of 7 objectives that acts as a foundation and guides our way of doing business.


  1. To strive for continual leadership in the sales and marketing of quality pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, surgical and consumer products and added-value services
  2. To maximise our overall efficiency in supply chain management and minimise operational costs to provide products and services at the most affordable prices
  3. To better meet customers' demands by widening our portfolio with relevant products
  4. To retain and grow a satisfied customer base
  5. To develop, groom and grow a cohesive motivated team
  6. To provide a stimulating and conducive work environment
  7. To uphold high standards of ethics and integrity in our business