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Technical Support

We own a well-organized network of medical device technical support, which consists of specialized technicians, a fully equipped laboratory, and the ability to cover the whole territory . Technical support is part of the company’s services which are certified for their compliance to the following standard requirements: .

Briefly our services are (not limited to) the following;
Installation of medical equipment for our clients
Maintenance of biomedical equipment by completing preventive maintenance schedules, conducting tests, following manufacturer instructions, trouble shooting and repairing malfunctions, calling for special service, evaluating service contracts and maintaining equipment inventories.
Offer training to biomedical staff at hospitals through equipment operation demonstrations, instructing other health care staff in use and care of equipment, answering and providing information.

Areas of Specialisation

  • International Drug Database
  • Stretchers and Stretcher Accessories
  • Cushions and Mattresses
  • Cholesterol and lipid tests
  • Critical Care Medicine Specialists
  • Emergency Assistance
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